Mohammad Reza Dezfulian stated that current trends such as zero emissions vehicles and carbon neutral manufacturing demonstrate the waxing significance of sustainability in the automotive industry. Increased awareness of environmental and sustainability issues among consumers as well as their escalating interest in sustainable vehicles are drivers of the introduction of…

Mohammadreza Dezfulian, automotive and heavy trucks after sales services expert has given speech on improving the efficiency of vehicles by remote diagnostics. Mohammadreza Dezfulian stated that automotive remote diagnostic or remote vehicle diagnostics has become extremely crucial in improving large vehicle performance and safety as it allows for the continuous…

Mohammad Reza Dezfulian the Automotive and heavy trucks after sales services expert and Industrial Engineering graduate from Sharif University of Technology has given speech on the effect of engine type on pollution and fuel consumption in auto industry.

Mohammad Reza Dezfulian elaborated the process that Hybrid and Electric Vehicles reduces…

Mohammad Reza Dezfulian was born in Tehran on May 17th 1976. Mohammadreza Dezfulian is an Industrial Engineering (1994–1999) & master of Executive Business Administration (2012) graduate form Sharif University of technology. Mohammad Reza Dezfulian is an automotive after-sales services expert and heavy trucks leader who has been working vigorously internationally.

About Mohammad Reza Dezfulian

Mohammadreza Dezfulian

Mohammad Reza Dezfulian’s research interest is in the overview of heavy trucks segment and OEMs supply chain management.

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