Mohammad Reza Dezfulian’s speech on Improving the Efficiency of Vehicles by Remote Diagnostics

Mohammadreza Dezfulian, automotive and heavy trucks after sales services expert has given speech on improving the efficiency of vehicles by remote diagnostics. Mohammadreza Dezfulian stated that automotive remote diagnostic or remote vehicle diagnostics has become extremely crucial in improving large vehicle performance and safety as it allows for the continuous monitoring of real-time data through a network of wireless facilities. Mohammad Reza Dezfulian continued that providing benefits throughout the entire production and sales mechanism from the OEM all the way to the service center makes automotive remote diagnostics critical for businesses. Automotive remote diagnostics presents a range of possibilities beyond just dealing with performance related issues. This extremely advantageous technology has just begun to be scratched on the surface. Remote diagnosis is moving into all areas of modern technology and exerting influence on systems with the aim of constantly increasing quality and reliability. Centralized alarms are set to contribute to the complex and detailed analysis of diagnostic information. Mohammad Reza Dezfulian contributed that by implementing the RVD system a vehicle can be diagnosed independently with finding faults, alerting the driver and finally sending the data to the RS (Remote Server). It is used to detect defects and control the vehicle from a far distance. This way the problem of traditional diagnosis of vehicles due to geographical limitations is resolved. Based on Telemetric Framework, this system uses an on-board microcomputer system called on-board smart box (OBSB) along with a GPRS and a remote server for remote monitoring of vehicle diagnostics and where it is located geographically. The function of real-time monitoring, fault diagnosis and alarming are implemented getting data via CAN bus, and then transmits data to monitoring center by GPRS and internet network.

Mohammad Reza Dezfulian Defines Advantages of Remote Diagnosis System

One of the most substantial advantages of this system is that it can monitor automotive faults and internal sensor values. Mohammadreza Dezfulian restated that this system helps examine faults or malfunctions even if the vehicle is running on the road, parked in the garage without the physical interaction of the technician.

Mohammadreza Dezfulian added that undoubtedly, when parameters like electronic circuitry issues or engine oil level are detected early, RDV system can aid in reducing operating costs and increasing safety. In addition, this early warnings of issues will avert some on-road breakdowns. Furthermore, Dezfulian further stated that with an RVD system there are no concerns about a truck sideline with a sudden issue. It also helps reduce average diagnostic time with implementation of more sophisticated and dedicated tools to be used by an expert rather than those available to technicians at a local service center thus reducing the average repairing time. Along with all the above-mentioned merits, it is noteworthy to notice that when a service issue is identified in advance a great deal of time, energy and capital will be saved preventing vehicle from possible breakdowns and therefore leading to more efficiency. In fact, an increase in the resources used in the concrete, a decrease in the number of repairs and saving of spare parts costs leads to fulfillments in efficiency of large commercial vehicles on roads.

Mohammad Reza Dezfulian elaborates the Advantages of Remote Diagnosis for Commercial Vehicles:

Mohammadreza Dezfulian continued that when a commercial truck cannot wait until it returns to the company’s warehouse particularly if the issue triggers activation of the truck engine protection system, RVD systems can quickly locate a nearby dealer and direct the driver to it where the dealer’s service shop can immediately start the process of identifying potential issues and options before the truck arrives. Dezfulian emphasized that the remote diagnostic capabilities have aided in reduction of average shop service time and towing units back to the shop for service since it allows monitoring fault codes and remotely diagnosing issues to determine if a truck can be driven into the shop or be towed. Mohammad Reza Dezfulian restated that RVD has aided in minimizing the delivery issues, and helps the fleet avoid unplanned and extended service calls.

Mohammad Reza Dezfulian’s research interest is in the overview of heavy trucks segment and OEMs supply chain management.