Mohammad Reza Dezfulian was born in Tehran on May 17th 1976. Mohammadreza Dezfulian is an Industrial Engineering (1994–1999) & master of Executive Business Administration (2012) graduate form Sharif University of technology. Mohammad Reza Dezfulian is an automotive after-sales services expert and heavy trucks leader who has been working vigorously internationally.

About Mohammad Reza Dezfulian

Mohammad Reza Dezfulian’s research interest is in the overview of heavy trucks segment and OEMs supply chain management. Mohammad Reza Dezfulian has given several speeches on the importance of technology advancement in transportation industry including commercial vehicles

. Dezfulian believes that in the not-too-distant future, the roads under the feet of car wheels will see many technological changes, from the production of energy by the movement of wheels on the road to the types of equipment installed on highways, roads and streets, it promises smart roads being created for individuals based on advances in technology.

Mohammad Reza Dezfulian has given further speeches on the engine type and fuel consumption in auto industry & self-driving cars with the aim of optimization of costs & efficiency, autonomous commercial vehicles, electrification of the automotive industry and commercial vehicle, and etc.

Mohammad Reza Dezfulian defines that autonomous vehicles will revolutionize the future of the automotive industry with technology exerting a powerful influence over means of transportation both in public and commercial sectors.

Biography of Mohammadreza Dezfulian

Dezfulian clarifies that there are confusions about autonomous and driverless vehicles among people as if autonomous cars entail self-drive vehicles, which is not necessarily true. Autonomous vehicles will bring considerable advantages to the automotive industry. Safety, efficiency and productivity are the main benefits of new technology for the transportation industry.

Dezfulian has also given speeches on different aspects of pollution in developing countries which is now becoming a big challenge. He presumes that a new and vibrant initiative needs to be taken to rise to this challenge in the upcoming years. Mohammad Reza Dezfulian blames fuel quality to be the most atrocious factor impacting societies at large in terms of air pollution.

Mohammad Reza Dezfulian’s research interest is in the overview of heavy trucks segment and OEMs supply chain management.